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MISION MEXICO was fouded by Alan and Pamela Skuse. Alan and Pamela, left their home on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, to volunteer at an orphanage in Tapachula for twelve months.

The organisation they were assisting closed down after six months, leaving the Skuses with a life changing decision. To return to Australia, or take on the overwhelming challenge of caring for the remaining seven children full time.Pam and Alan decided to take on the huge responsibility of establishing their own refuge.
’Albergue, Misión México, Dando Amor, Vida y Esperanza’ (Refuge, Mission Mexico, Giving Love, Life and Hope) was formed, with the dream of creating a family environment, rather than an institution.


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ZEA is a Social Enterprise with the mission of establishing partnerships to implement projects in the areas of urban agriculture, food security and food waste in Mexico and Australia. The enterprise is the result of an Australian/Mexican partnership of entities and individuals that have worked together in the areas of environmental and social projects for over 20 years. One of the main targets of action and communication for ZEA are social and cultural events where the mission can be accomplished with education and raisng awareness to the attendees of the event but also with the specific action of transforming the food waste generated during the event into food for the soil that will be used in local urban agriculture projects. It is with this objective that ZEA would like to work with FedSquare and the Mexican Festival in order to bring social awareness and direct action while enjoying the fantastic array of Mexican food that the Festival showcases. We would like to have a meeting with FedSquare to learn more about their current management of food waste during the festival and to propose a partnership that enables to complete the cycle of enjoying the food, transforming the food waste and growing fresh food within Melbourne based urban agriculture projects. In parallel to this activity, a key action of ZEA as a Social Enterprise has been the design of a unique apparel brand and collection of products that will be available for sale during the festival with the specific goal that with each item sold a month of food waste of one person will be transformed into food for our soils directly supporting urban agriculture projects in Mexico and Australia. ZEA has the goal of transforming 1 million kilograms of food waste into food for our soils and our plates in the next 3 years.