423703_151059718368721_858198106_nMexfest was founded in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic Mexicans living in Melbourne with the mission of bringing the best of Mexican culture, traditions, food and art to Melbourne.  Mexican Festival takes place every mid September in Federation Square, to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

Mexican Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays in Mexico. People celebrate with food, songs, fireworks, festivals, parades, music and more.

The most patriotic day for Mexicans and internationally the most celebrated. Contrary to what many believe, Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) is not Mexico’s Independence Day, but the remembrance of a historic battle (The battle of Puebla)

El Grito de la Indepedencia (The Cry for Independence) is held annually on Sept. 16th in honor of Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule in 1810.


Mexican Festival is organised by Mexfest and their members are:

Maggie Alonso | Event Manager/ Design & marketing Creative:

Claudia Rodriguez | Mexican Market Stakeholders Manager:

Maria Cristina AP | PR, Communications and Media Manager:

Volunteer opportunities:

Ulises Resendiz | Art Exhibition Coordinator:

Leah Gibson | Social Media Coordinator:



Mexican Festival is supported by non-­profit organisation  ANZMEX.


The Australia-­‐New Zealand-­‐Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ANZMEX) is partnering with Mexican Festival Committee in the organisation of this event, to give it add a business orientation to the cultural and social focus.

THE MEXICAN FESTIVAL relies on individual and corporate contributions so that we may continue to deliver the quality and diversity of art, education, and entertainment to the public.